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How To Hit A Tennis Forehand Like Federer - Roger Federer Forehand Analysis
Sunday 20th January 2019
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How To Hit A Tennis Forehand Like Federer – Roger Federer Forehand Analysis

There are many people who consider that the Roger Federer forehand is the best in the history of the sport. There are also those who consider him to be the best player ever to grace the courts. Regardless on your thoughts on the matter it is hard to ignore the fact that Federer has an incredible forehand that exerts power and accuracy. His ability to hit the ball cleanly is second to none and the force often leaves his opponents wondering what happened.

While Federer has a forehand to admire, it is worth noting that he is an athlete at the top of his class, he is extremely fit and also naturally talented. However, it is possible to learn skills and with plenty of practice you too could have a forehand that will make you stand apart from your opponents at the level you play at.

How Important Is The Type Of Tennis Racquet?

You will need a racquet that is able to cope with the demands of an accurate and powerful forehand stroke. Federer uses the BLX Six One Tour racquet which is manufactured by Wilson. The racquet you choose does play an important role in the forehand but you cannot expect to have a brilliant forehand just because you have the same racquet as your favorite player – you still need to master the technique and practice.

The Roger Federer Forehand Tennis Grip:

If you want to copy the style of Roger Federer you will need to use the eastern forehand grip to hit your forehand strokes. The grip isn’t exactly an eastern grip though as he does use it one bevel below the usual position – but technically there isn’t a name for his actual grip.

Preparing for the shot is also essential. The way Federer prepares is by being quick to bring his racquet back and this gives him the power the shot needs. Learn to read shots and pick up where the ball is heading even before it has landed on your side of the net. Turn your shoulders so they are perpendicular to the net just like Federer and then make sure the weight of your body is spread to the right foot (if you’re right handed) and turn the foot so it is at 45 degrees to the net. At this time you should have brought your racquet back behind you. Keep your eye on the ball constantly and you should be able to line up a great shot.

Using the same tennis racket as Federer may also help in your quest to serve like him, and the racket that he uses to win such titles as Wimbledon and the US Open Championships is a great racket. Of course Federer plays many hours a day and is super strong, so he uses a heavy racket that may not be good for you if you are an occasional player.

Federer has extra talents in the forehand as he is able to hit at any angle, but this stance is one of the easiest to master. At the time of writing, Federer uses a BLX Six One Tour racquet. Federer is a master of the forehand, he has power, and incredible swing and follow through and his rankings and success in the sport go to show that he is one of the greats.

Good luck in copying Roger Federer Forehand stroke and enjoy your tennis.

I’ve studied the forehand action of many top players and for me I love the way Federer hits this stroke in such a relaxed way. The Roger Federer Forehand is a very special shot indeed and has won him most of his grand slam titles. Good luck in improving your serve and remember to stay relaxed and think positive thoughts as you step up to serve next time.

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