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How To Serve In Tennis Properly - Breaking Down The Serve Bit By Bit
Sunday 20th January 2019
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How To Serve In Tennis Properly – Breaking Down The Serve Bit By Bit

How to serve in tennis properly is something that is asked a lot by beginners and those playing at club level (and sometimes higher) too. The tennis serve is one of the hardest strokes in tennis to master especially if you have a lack of hand to eye coordination. Unfortunately having a good tennis serve is essential in the sport, without it you will give away needless points to your opponent and give them the upper hand in the game. If you really want to learn how to serve properly then you want to break down the motion bit by bit until it becomes clear.

First Step – Stance

The first part of the tennis serve you should focus on is the stance. Stance and footwork is important so you want to make sure you have it correct. For tennis you should look to have your feet a shoulder width apart, facing your opponent side-on, knees bent and front foot away from the baseline. This stance is used to keep you stable when serving and to give you your power in your serve.

Second Step – The Toss

The toss is the easier part of the motion. All you have to do is toss the ball upwards but something that you may want to do differently is to imagine a small box in front of you where the ball should drop if you miss the serve. This will help you lean into the serve and generate more power.

Third Step – The Serve

This is the hardest part of the serve but if pulled off can make your serve a deadly weapon. By setting up the correct stance you have built up a lot of potential energy which is about to become kinetic energy. As you toss the ball up your racquet should loop up behind your back (like a backscratcher) and as you go to hit the ball your body should unravel (shoulder, arm and hips should turn) and you should explode from your knees giving you that extra power.

Final Step – Follow Through

This is essential because if your opponent returns the ball you need to be ready. When you hit the ball you want to follow through so that it feels like you are about to fall over. At this point stabilise yourself by sticking your lead leg out and this should put you in a good stance ready for the return ball (if the opponent can even hit it back after you’ve read these tips).

The easiest way to learn how to serve in tennis properly is to break things up into baby steps as that is one of the easiest ways to learn. I used to be in the same place where my sloppy serve would give my opponent the upper hand but just by following the simple techniques (video demos) over at FixMyServe.com [http://www.fixmyserve.com] I managed to develop a serve that DEMANDS respect!

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