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HometennisCourt Equipment2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad by PlayActive Sports – Best Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow Strap Band – Relieves Tendonitis and Forearm Pain – Includes Two Elbow Support Braces and E-Guide

2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad by PlayActive Sports – Best Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow Strap Band – Relieves Tendonitis and Forearm Pain – Includes Two Elbow Support Braces and E-Guide

2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad by PlayActive Sports – Best Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow Strap Band – Relieves Tendonitis and Forearm Pain – Includes Two Elbow Support Braces and E-Guide

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  • Buy 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad by PlayActive Sports - Best Tennis & Golfer's Elbow Strap Band - Relieves Tendonitis and Forearm Pain - Includes Two Elbow Support Braces and.. More

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Experience Immediate Tennis Elbow Pain Relief with PlayActive Sports Elbow Support Braces!

How do our support braces stand out from competing brands?

– Two-Pack. You will receive TWO premium Elbow Support Braces. Keep one in your sports bag and one at home, simply keep one as a backup, or give one away to a friend!

– E-Guide with Instructions. Our Elbow braces come with an E-Guide that includes clear Instructions on how to use our braces. Additionally the Guide will provide tips and insights in dealing with elbow pains.

– Superior Quality. Our braces are made to last and their quality cannot be compared to cheaper alternatives. Our improved Velcro straps will make sure your elbow band stays in place, even after many uses.

– Fully adjustable. The Two-Strap design makes our braces very easy to adjust. They can provide anywhere from light to very strong targeted support.

– Gel Compression Pad. The compression pad in each brace is soft enough to feel comfortable but firm enough to provide adequate support. Braces with gel compression pads have shown to be far more effective than braces without one.

SIZING: One size fits most. Our braces will fit forearms up to 14 inch, measured just below the elbow on the widest part of your forearm.

Uses: Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, WOD, Triathlons, Obstacle Races, Racquetball, Badminton, Squash, Football, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Hiking, Fishing, Rowing, Pool, Billiard, repetitive stress motion injuries, extensive computer mouse usage.

Your purchase includes TWO premium Elbow Braces AND a digital E-Guide with INSTRUCTIONS.

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  • ASIN: B015I2EC9O

Customer Reviews

Great support but not the greatest velcro

18 people found this helpful.
 on August 14, 2016
By IslandGirlSeaglassing
I am a professional vacation rental cleaner and developed tennis elbow from the constant pulling and pushing motion associated with aspects of my job. I bought these to help support my elbow and tendons when I am cleaning, especially during the busy season! I felt the pain relief immediately when I put the brace on which was a surprise to me, I was hesitant to purchase them as I wasn’t sure if they would actually help. What a pleasant surprise that they did help!

It might impress your tennis partner, but probably not your doctor.

12 people found this helpful.
 on August 31, 2016
By Micah
The velcro wore down on my usual doctor issued band that I wear for tendonitis, so I ordered a pair of these.

Works well is cost-effective and the customer service is very good. After 7 months all is still well.

4 people found this helpful.
 on November 4, 2016
By cdavis211
I purchased it for golfer’s elbow which means the gel pad is pressing against the opposite side of my arm. My doctor recommended using a compression sleeve or strap for the tendinitis so I tried a few different types. I exercise often and the PlayActive strap has worked the best; it reduces the discomfort while exercising and while wrestling with a 5-year-old boy.


One person found this helpful.
 on May 5, 2017
By BeKind
The set comes with a small-medium and a medium-large adjustable velcro fastener. However, the small-medium was too big for my 7 inch circumference forearm. What a disappointment. I had it rush-delivered in hopes of wearing it tomorrow for my workout. The velcro fastener will attach but not where it’s supposed to so the connection is weak. I emailed the seller earlier today via email but have not heard back from them yet. Maybe if they indicated what range of forearm circumferences will be suitable for each velcro fastener, that would help future buyers.

A review from someone who paid full price for the product!

23 people found this helpful.
 on December 16, 2015
By D☆M☆R
First of all, to be clear and for what it’s worth, I actually PAID full price for these braces, unlike most of the others who reviewed this product. At the time I received the braces, there were 95 other reviews, only 9 (nine) of those did NOT mention receiving them for free or discounted. Just sayin’.

Instant relief

One person found this helpful.
 on February 28, 2017
By M. Halstead
This elbow brace is well designed and well made. I have a 9.5″ forearm and it fits well. I put one of the 2 braces on as soon as they arrived, and immediately washed the other one because the chemical smell is overwhelming, but I can forgive that because the brace is helping to eliminate the elbow pain. In fact, this has already given me more relief than the compression sleeve I had been using. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this brace to anyone with elbow pain.

Exactly as advertised, very pleased with this product

One person found this helpful.
 on December 26, 2015
By Jeff Maziarek, author of Codi's Journey
I purchased this product to replace a very old and worn Air Cast product that I had used for years. I have to say that the quality of construction is far superior to that older product, and so is the comfort. I’m using both of them on my right arm (one on the upper forearm and one just behind the elbow) to address symptoms of tennis elbow that resulted form too much keyboard and mouse use. Now that I’ve used this product every day for nearly three months I can say without question that it has helped to reduce my tennis elbow symptoms. At this point I estimate that on a percentage basis the pain is 90 percent less than it was in December 2015. I highly recommend this product.

Surprised by INSTANT relief

 on April 22, 2017
By Waterboyga
I rarely write reviews anymore, but I was so surprised by the instant relief this brace gave me that I am posting this review. I am a plumber, and my right wrist, fore arm and elbow are everything to me. My tendonitis started with a particularly rough shoveling job more than a month ago, and since then I have been on pain pills, ibuprofen and a copper infused arm sleeve. Tendons take forever to heal – 6 months or longer IF you can give them a break long enough, and my healing process was very, very slow because of my work. BUT, this device is incredible since it puts acute pressure in just the right spot to keep the tendon from stretching so much, thus relieving the pain and I hope allowing healing to occur faster. The relief is instant once you find the right spot for the pressure point. For me, it was on the outer side of my arm but almost on top, and about an inch from my elbow. Before this moment, I had pain picking up my cell phone or even the remote. Even raising my arm was painful. But, this device has changed all that and my mood has absolutely lifted. If you are experiencing what I did, please try this thing. Worth whatever I paid and I’m not even thinking about any medications anymore.

Better than opioids…

 on April 21, 2017
By TailorMaid7
I was diagnosed with golfer’s elbow, even though I don’t golf and was advised to get one of these things. So I got it, the price is fine, construction and materials are top tier. But does it work? I don’t know and that makes me think it doesn’t. The instructions are good enough, and YouTube confirmed them, so I am pretty sure I am using it correctly. So, bottom line, if you’re in pain, and don’t want to get addicted to opioids, these are worth a shot. It beats getting addicted.

Forearm Pain Relief

 on May 18, 2017
By Darrell
About 2-3 months ago, I developed serious forearm pain in both forearms. Even picking up relatively light objects around the house could be very painful. I have been a weightlifter for years and never had this problem until I recently added pull-ups to my workout routine. A friend convinced me that I had Tennis Elbow and suggested I get a Tennis Elbow brace. I ordered the 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace and received it in 2 days. After having the brace on for an hour or two, I began picking up household objects that had been painful to lift without the brace. With the brace on, I felt very little if any pain at all. I highly recommend this product to anyone with Tennis Elbow.


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